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Service 1

We offer Very unique embroidery services

Now you can Edit and Split Oriental Collar Designs

You all know that we sell split designs for 360x150mm and 240x150mm hoops
from nearly 4 years ago. Actually, the split collections performed
the best sale. But we didn't go further in splitting to smaller hoops
because we were afraid that may affect quality and receive a lot of
complaints. But we now have the pleasure to announce that we can split our designs for 4x4 and 5x7 hoops also,

For only $5 a flat splitting fee, you get the split design.

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Service 2

If you want to digitize your English Name in Chinese, We have the pleasure to help you.
One of our popular services is digitizing english names in chinese.
We can digitize your name in 5x7 hoop with only $11

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